Sexy Jude Law

April 8th, 2014 by admin

judelaw showing cock

Jude Law has really made it through and gets some good roles now but when he was a struggling actor do think Jude Law posed naked and showed his cock? there are many Hollywood actors who have shown their cocks before becoming famous so why would Jude Law be any different. He is now a famous male celeb but it wasn’t always that way. Looking at his semi hard cock though does make you wonder if he could have been in a sex film. Click Here to see if there is any sextape with Jude Law fucking

Rob Lowe Naked

April 4th, 2014 by admin


OK Brad Pitt would probably come out as the top male celeb but up there with him must be Rob lowe. He is a very good looking guy and again he is in good shape, but check out that bulge in his shorts. You can even see the shape of his cock and his helmet. Imagine what Rod Lowe’s cock would be like rock hard and standing up all stiff. Click Here to see more of his cock and also check out other famous men wanking themselves for the camera.

Brad Pitt Showing His Cock

March 31st, 2014 by admin


Brad Pitt is still one of the sexiest men in Hollywood today and if you check out the pic above you can see why. He keeps himself in shape and has  great body and as for Brad Pitt’s cock, wow it is pretty big. Some people have said Brad has a small cock but when you see it fully erect believe me it’s not small at all. Click Here to see Brad Pitt’s cock as well as many other famous men celebrities.

Daniel Radcliffe Naked

March 23rd, 2014 by admin

daniel radcliffe naked

Daniel Radcliffe is better know for playing the young wizard Harry Potter but once he turned 18 he decided to do something a bit more adult. He certainly did that by appearing in a play where he would be totally naked, I don’t mean naked apart from a small pear of flesh colored shorts I mean totally naked and flashing his cock. Most people say they have seen Harry Potters cock but in fact it’s just the actor who played Harry Potter who gets naked and fucks a sexy girl on stage. Click Here to see all of the pics and check out Daniels Radcliffe huge cock.